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Whether you are looking for a generator for your caravan, or for your workplace or home, Tamworth Small Engines has the expertise to help you find the right  generator . 

Honda Generators have a  unique Inverter technology. This guarantees smooth, uninterrupted electricity wherever you may be, so you're safe to plug in your laptop, or any other sensitive electronic equipment. Due to their quiet nature you can use these generators anywhere. 

Our newly arrived Rato Generators are s
uper quiet, small in size and big on power. 

With the ‘inverter’ system, you can vary the engine’s RPM based on the application. This considerably reduces noise levels and exhaust fumes and with the significant savings in fuel generates huge customer satisfaction and the maximum respect for the environment.

The industrial generator range gives you a portable power source, easy portability with large fuel tanks and long autonomy. Ideal for construction companies, back up power for your home and everyday leisure uses.

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Honda Generator

We are extremely excited to announce the release of the all
new EU32i Inverter Generator model replacing the
discontinued EU30i Handy.

New to Honda, the EU32i Generator will have Bluetooth
connectivity allowing the user to turn off the generator via
their mobile phone, whilst also having access to information
and records like remaining fuel level, operating time and
current output. The Bluetooth capability will also allow user
service information indicating service interval timing and error

For Technical Specifications;

New Model in Store;

 Honda EU32i Generator

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